Fresh Lamb Karahi

Lamb karahi is one of the most popular dishes in northern India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This lamb curry is known for its spiciness, richness and deep red colouring. Actually, it is very similar to a Bengali mutton curry. However, what makes a lamb karahi unique is that it is prepared in a karahi dish, which is a thick and deep cooking pot. A karahi dish wouldn’t be genuine if it wasn’t prepared in the traditional karahi pot.


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Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biryani is easy to make and delicious in taste especially the uses of dry fruits makes its taste unique among other ordinary biryani. You may enjoy this easy homemade Afghani biryani recipe as a main course dish for lunch & Dinner.

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Lahori Karahi

Fresh tomato, fresh green chill, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh coriander & black paper (extra sauce)

Namaak Mundi Karahi

Fresh tomato, fresh green chill, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh coriander & black paper (less sauce)

Qabili Palow

Rice, carrots, raisins with chunks of lamb

Vegetable’s Biryani

Mix vegetable cooked in our special sauce with rice

Fresh Lamb Karahi

Fresh tomato, fresh green chill, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh coriander mix masala powder


Steamed Pasta Filled With Minced Lamb, Onion & Herbs, Then Onion Herbs, Dressed With Thick Yogurt & Garlic.

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The crown of Afghan cuisine, Kabuli palow is often said to have been initially created by the upper-class families of Kabul who could afford to prepare this elaborate meat and rice dish. Over time, palow had spread across the country and changed its name to qabili palow.

Derived from the Dari word qabil, meaning capable or able, it was considered that only a truly skilled chef could make an excellent Afghan-style pilaf.

Moreover, this national dish traditionally consists of steamed long-grained rice mixed with caramelized carrots, raisins, almonds, and chunks of lamb meat. However, chicken and beef are also often used. We are proud to be the leading Afghan food shop in Oxfordshire.

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Best ever coffee, fresh baguettes, Panini and delicious fresh cakes in Oxford, Marston. Very exciting grill menu to come as the staff says

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We couldn't wait to see the Oxford Cafe & Grill opens. Now it's open we have had the best English breakfast and excellent coffee. What's more important that you using organic coffee and have lots of recyclable material plus serving coffee of tea in proper coffee cups plus it's new to have fresh baguettes or panini too.
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